Module 5: Diverse Connections, MicroAggressions & Micro-Inclusions

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One of the most common terms I am asked about is microaggressions. Why? For some people it’s really new, for others, it’s difficult to understand.

Microaggressions can come from good intentions but have very negative and nuanced impacts. People are usually guilty of microaggressions when they are trying to make connections with diverse people by giving them what they believe to be a compliment.

But it backfires. Suddenly, they’re afraid to say anything to diverse people for fear of offending someone.

Module 5 teaches colleagues how to connect with each other in ways that don’t come across as offensive or weird. Colleagues will learn how to approach diverse people in the workplace, and how to handle conversation missteps in the moment.

This series contains some edgy language. If you’re a bit squeamish, you’ll just have to deal with your BS.