Module 1: The Fear Mindset

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By dealing with diversity challenges at the root, we can empower each colleague to dig deep to find their personal power while embracing and supporting those who are different from themselves.

If we include them, what happens to us? After gathering data from speaking to 55,000 people last year, one revelation became crystal clear — FEAR is the barrier preventing employees (and their companies) from embracing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

Your employees are afraid that now that there is a focus on DE&I that promotions, hiring, pay increases, etc., will now go to the diverse person, thereby creating reverse discrimination. This is a scarcity mentality.

Module 1 addresses the root cause of why DE&I is not embraced. I teach people to embrace an abundance mindset. This goes beyond basic DE&I training that only addresses the isms and phobias we are all so familiar with.

This series contains some edgy language. If you’re a bit squeamish, you’ll just have to deal with your BS.